Look what I found in Russia!

I don't even know why but I was so happy when I saw this in Moscow!!

I wish I could draw fashion illustration as well...

My favourite girl at FNO Moscow

Found in la maison d'Hermès in Moscow, Russia, FNO.


I was taking photos on omotesando the other day, and I suddenly realized, "Hey, I know you!"

Les francais

My eyes were first caught by the white shirt on the gentleman on the street (yes, you can see where they were spotted from the station in the background), but then when the lady turned and showed the back of her dress...Oh la la!
You probably can't see it quite that clear here but it is actually transparent! So sexy yet elegant still...I guess that's why we love (or hate?) the french.


I can't believe who I've missed. Cry Out Loud.
I just went to watch Salt today and then heard that Ms. Jolie was actually in Tokyo for the premier with her four children. I actually even read the news saying that she came to Japan for the premier but the news was in Japanese that I did not read into the sentence below the picture in a tiny font....I don't regret for not seeing Mr. DiCaprio at F-bar after the day I watch inception, but I can never forgive for not knowing Ms. Jolie's visit to Japan until she left. She even went to Kiddy Land.

Can someone kill me please?


I have been crazy about little stuffs these days. Bangles, rings, sunglasses, wallet, even fake tattoo stickers.