Breakfast at Ladurée:A Celebration of Tory Burch's first Paris store

It is a very bad habit but I must confess that I barely have breakfast in my usual life - I'd stay in my bed until the very last minute since I was...5 years old I think. However for some occasions I do try my best to attend to a breakfast meeting, for example the Dior breakfast back in PFW, or the breakfast at Ladurée when invited by KCD to celebrate Tory Burch's first Paris Pop-Up Store inside Galeries Lafayette.

Beloved Objects, Beloved Bags: PB0110 ( )

I've been talking about my new found love PB0110( ) quit a lot recently.

The first time I met a PB0110 product was after a casual cafe time at The Broken Arm, I couldn't take my eyes off the beautiful CM4 in mint green in their showcase - I soon asked the staff to take it out from the glass box and noted down the brand's name on my phone, and found on their facebook page that they are showing their 2014 autumn/winter collection in Paris during PFW, where I finally met the founder of PB0110, Mr. Phillip Bree in person, and learned about the deep concept story of the brand: "The Beloved Objects".

#PB0110( ) Inspiration image

The stuffed toy which accompanied your childhood.
The first agenda received on the graduation day from your parents.
The thing that you'd be so worried about during the whole flight when you mistakenly checked it in with the suitcase.

Found in Germany, the son of the 40-year-old history leather bag brand Bree family, Mr. Phillip Bree was inspired by the travel bag he received from his father at his age of 16. The bag which has been traveling with him for more than 25 years gave him the idea to create a brand with long lasting high quality and aesthetic design - the PB0110( ).

#Phillip Bree(founder of PB0110)received this bag from his father in 1988, which he now still uses.

(Photo credit: HAW-LIN Services)